CNY Day 1

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Claudia Phankova 2 Comments

Hi. I have to postpone my birthday post because of my bad time management. :X
On a brighter side, here's a short post about CNY to make it up! Even though CNY is over now hahaha.

What I wore on CNY Day 1. 
Didn't wear anything red so I finally decided to put on red lipstick.

Were all ready to hunt for red pockets! Grandma lives together with us so we were waiting for relatives to pay a visit to our house. My family is not that big though, I guess. Every year, I only take a visit to my relatives' house on the first day. The rest is like any other day. I have a friend who still pay a visit to her relatives' house even on the 4th day and she hasn't even finished. Lol


  1. happy belated CNY!! cute dress btw :D

    xoxo, michelle

  2. cute dress and love your hair! xx