Weekly Update

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 Claudia Phankova 2 Comments

Here are some random recent photos I haven't yet posted! 

My hair color under sunlight (no editing at all). I'm like always mumbling "thanks Amy" everytime I look at myself on the mirror lol but really!! Though it was becoming nearly impossible to find better saloon from 76style in Jakarta. :X

Behind the scene from Oudre's latest collection. Honestly I'm quite awkward when it comes to posing in front of camera.

Autumn color OOTD 
MNG Knitted Top, Oudre Leather Skirt, H&M Sling Bag, (X).S.M.L Snake Print Necklace

Latest shopping haul from Brightspot Market held at Grand Indonesia last weekend. I went to the opening night btw. I always had a good time visiting Brightspot Market thus it is one of my favorite event!

Cutiepie. My favorite cousin of all, Baby Celine. Been babysitting her for few times these past weeks but she's just too cute I can't get enough of her cuteness aww.

Waking up to chocolate drink from Comebuy yesterday. My elder sister, Zenith was being sweet hahaha

Next up will be my birthday post!


  1. cute!! love the deer/horse pattern top?? :)

    xoxo, michelle