If you give a little love.

Saturday, March 23, 2013 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

Meeting a lot of different people with various traits has taught me a lesson: 
In life, we need to understand that some things are within our control, and some things are not. We are lucky to meet good people. But sometimes, we happen to meet with the irritating and annoying people (we all have that someone whom we feel disgusted just by hearing his name). So we try to change them, or to avoid them, but most of the times, that doesn't work well. The thing is, all we can do is to control our attitude. How we react towards things like this. We can only start by changing ourselves and hope it can inspire your surroundings.

Sharing my story, I used to be a 'no' person. We all know that person, whom we asked for help, but he always finds an excuse to turn it down. Yes, I was that person. All I had in mind was how troublesome and fussy it was to help others. I knew I was selfish but I've already had so much to deal myself. I thought if I refused them, they would find another person.

Until at one time, it struck me. 
I realized what I did was shameful. I thought about my friends who have helped me all along. Why couldn't I have a bigger heart to help other people? 
Then I knew I had to change. Slowly, I began to say yes when people asked for help. Yes, it was not easy for me.
I gotta admit though that the feeling of being able to help people was actually kinda nice. It made me feel worthy. Especially when I can see their gratitude. When they thank me, or even when they don't. I learned that when people asked for my help, they needed me, and not anyone else. I haven't completely come to be a helpful person, but I'm starting it slowly. 

I'm posting this video here as a reminder to myself. I was choked up while watching this. Hope it will inspire you. Our world can be a better place if we start giving a little love from now on. :)