Koultoura Coffee

Saturday, October 19, 2013 Claudia Phankova 2 Comments

It was actually my second visit to Koultoura Coffee. My first visit was like couple months ago when they just opened. They only offered limited menu back then, even I could spot they were still renovating some parts of the place.
Honestly, I wasn't really impressed on my first visit. True, the place was nicely decorated but I couldn't really enjoy there idk why. I am truly glad though I decided to give it another try. I can clearly see that they have done a lot of improvements (many varieties of food, more staffs, etc) which left me a whole different impression this time. That's a good thing. I love how they actually improve their quality from time to time. 

Croque Madame IDR 45k
I'm a big fan of bread, toast, etc you name it. This one was pretty decent, I must say.

Foxie's Hangover Cure IDR 45k
 I love the presentation of this dish, but for the taste, I prefer Croque Madame to this.

For the drink, I tried the Iced chocolate + Vanilla Ice cream, Cherry Float, Cappuccino. I don't drink caffeine so I am not a good judge of the coffee. I quite love the Cherry Float! It somehow reminds me of my favorite drink A&W Root Beer Float.

Overall, the food and drink were okay only, but perhaps it's just my luck. However, I really enjoyed my time there. I'd definitely come back to try more! I love how Koultoura has specialization in brunch and coffee, but I wish they'll come up soon with waffle/pancake dishes. However, they used to serve pancakes (I ordered it on my first visit), but when I asked the staff, they said they made some changes and decided to take it off from the menu.
To sum up my experience, with the unique concept Koultoura Coffee offers, a very well decorated place, who can resist not coming back?

Koultoura Coffee
Jl. Taman Ratu Raya Blok AA2/33
Taman Ratu, Jakarta Barat
021 - 2952 0310 


  1. lovely shots! :D
    the foods looks delicious x9

    cheer, michelle

  2. Adorable picture.. Thank you for sharing a good post..