All Black Errthang

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 Claudia Phankova 6 Comments

Hi! Finally an update after like.. ages?! Hahaha.

Ok, so where shall I start..

First, I just got back last week from my trip to Hongkong with my family. Will do a full post on the blog later :)

Second, I am gladly announcing that I am participating in Gogirl! x TRESemme Style Seeker Road Hunt to New York!! The prize is fly to New York and watch the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week live!!! (Yes, I know. Stay calm. Inhale exhale.)

I really really hope I can win this! (cause oh my God! New York is like my most favorite city. Ever.)

Of course, you can join in the fun too! YOU also have the chance to win this competition and get to fly to New York to watch the #MBFW live!!! It is very easy! All the information you need is only a click away. Here's the link! (

Now I am asking for a big favor from you guys! You all can help me to win this by liking my pictures on my instagram (I'm @claudiaphankova there, or click here)

One can never go wrong with black, don't you agree? I am wearing this mesh top from Apparel After Dark (a clothing line by my talented buddy).

(Apparel After Dark Mesh Top, Oudre Leather Shorts, H&M Hat, Unbranded Shoes from Hongkong)

Be sure not to miss this competition! Cause we all know that amazing opportunity like this, doesn't come twice. :)
Also, don't forget to vote for me!!
Your vote is very much appreciated so please visit my instagram and help me to like my picture!


  1. Love the meshtop! You styled it well, with an all black outfit.

  2. love the all black errthanggg~ x3
    love the shorts and sandals :')
    btw, you look so much like your sister ci charissa hereee ;;)

    cheer, michelle

  3. Great outfit! <3

  4. Great outfit cii. And you always looks flawless ;)

  5. love your hat

  6. Youre so gorges. Sure am willing t give you a favor.
    Liked your pict already :)

    Lucy xx