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As you all might have already known, I am currently in the running for TRESemme Style Seeker Hunt Road to New York with the other Indonesian bloggers. We're currently on our last challenge (out of three!) and I gotta admit that doing all these three past challenges has been really fascinating and challenging at the same time! The two lucky winners will fly off to New York! I really hope I can win!! Nonetheless, it's already an honor for me to be invited to participate in this competition by TRESemme X Gogirl! :)

My current mood board.

I have always got inspired by New York either from the street style or beauty trend! I love that the New York street style somehow reminds me of how effortlessly independent and elegant the NY ladies are. These are all my current favorites, and as you all can see, black&white, midi skirt and a lot of outerwear. Whereas most people invest in bag and shoes, I, on the other hand, invest a lot in outerwear. I have always had this secret wish secretly that someday I could move to someplace where winter does exist so I get to have excuses to shop more outerwear lol. 

For the last challenge, I was doing a makeover and styling for a friend of mine, Hikaru! Styling is my favorite thing to do but usually I only do styling for my sisters, or when I do photoshoot for my online clothing. Apart from that, it was my first time doing make over for someone else thus I was really looking forward to it! It was really exciting to do a makeover and styling for her because she is very petite and a typical girl next door. 

It was also Hikaru's first time modelling and she was extremely nervous about that in the beginning. I didn't blame her though cause standing in front of camera can be intimidating sometimes hahaha.

Here's the whole make over and styling process!

In total, I did three different kinds of styling for her. All the looks though have something in common, which is the black and white color palette, or monochrome. I intentionally only choose monochrome as the main concept of all these three looks, cause I believe that I can create the black and white ensembles in different styles. Proving that monochromatic palettes don't have to be boring. We can explore the styles from grunge look, to chic look or even sweet look. Monochromes come in many, many forms.

For the make up, I want to keep a clean look, with red lips as the perfect statement taking the whole look into higher level. I want to give black and white a fresh and modern makeover.

The first look with the low pony tail hairstyle is the modern and clean look.

The second look is the sweet and elegant look.

The third look is the grunge look.

Which styles do you prefer and why?

More pics!

Before the Makeover & Styling.

Before - After

By the way, I would like to ask your help once again to vote for me by simply liking my pics on my instagram. Thank you lovelies!!

If you haven't join this competition, then you'd better hurry up! Flying off to New York might not only be just a dream. Submit your entry now!
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