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With only a really few Korean BBQ Buffet in Jakarta, can you imagine how happy I was when I found out there was this Korean BBQ Buffet called Ssikkek? Located on Kelapa Gading Square, Ssikkek is basically a Korean BBQ Restaurant which surely offers the new concept of having Korean BBQ in affordable price, knowing that Korean BBQ are considered quite expensive at most places. 

At just IDR 135,900++/pax you are getting a free flow meat, and also many selection of the side dishes! At that price, you can enjoy all the food for all day. Cheaper price for weekdays, you can check it out here. The package doesn't include the drinks but we can pay extra idr 9,900 for the free flow korean ocha, or idr 14,900 for free flow ice lemon tea and blackcurrant tea. 

Other than the all you can eat package, Ssikkek provides the Ala Carte Menu too. If you are not really into buffet, you can still come here to try the korean food! It was affordable as well.

Most of the times I am craving for Korean BBQ, I find it frustrating to go in a small group of friends, cause we can only order a few limited menu and being the usual me, I like to try everything on the menu.
If I insisted on ordering all, usually we couldn't finish all the food and they will be such a waste. Boo :(
But, with this buffet concept, even if I came with a small group of friends, or even just a friend, we can try everything! No limits wohoo!

The Korean BBQ Buffet at Ssikkek comes with an assortment of meat and seafood, from beef, pork, chicken and prawn.

There were also cooked food, like kimchi fried rice and a few variants of soup like ramyeon, seaweed soup, as well as the Korean side dishes called Banchan including Japchae, Kimbab, DDeokbokki/Tokpokki, Bibimbap, and many more. 

I love the Gamja Jorim. It was similar to spicy fried potatoes, yum!
One of my favorite Korean dishes, Japchae. Taste-wise and texture-wise, it was nice! 

Can you guess what is this for?

No? It was for Bibimbap!

So we have a jar and we can put everything we like into the jar.

Rice check. Carrots check. Bibimbap sauce check. Bean sprouts check. Meat check.
Shake the jar, wholeheartedly!
There you have it.

It was actually a nice idea considering that how people usually take too many food without thinking if their tummy can take it or not in buffet place. This way, you won't waste any food.

They also serve dessert, like this Gogoma, fruits, and pudding. Gogoma is a caramelized sweet potato. I am not a fan of the gogoma though.

Now let's start the party!

How do you like to eat it? I love wrapping the marinated meat with the gojuchang sauce in a lettuce like this! The meat was tender and juicy.

Many of you might not have known, but I don't take beef. However, I was quite surprised that I actually ate the marinated beef here. The only place where I am actually willing to eat the beef cause it is just sooo good. Same goes with the pork belly!

Try it yourself!

I personally find that the food restaurant with impressive service gets a plus point. 
The waitress kept checking our table if we'd need something else. This was she helping us peel the prawn without us even asking for it. :)
The waitress was so thoughtful and full of initiative. Kudos to SSikkek!

The many types of dipping sauce. I love the one in the bottom right most! It went really well with the grilled meat.

The classic favorite mango pudding. Every time the mango pudding is refilled, it will be gone empty not long after. Happens. Many. Times.
I actually had this 5 slices in one go. The reason why they kept running out of this mango pudding lol.

A perfect ending to a satisfying meal!
Ssikkek also serves the Korean ice cream but it was not included in the buffet package. I'd say it was value for money though.

Even after a heavy meal, it is impossible for me to say no for this! The 

Overall, everything was decent. But if I had to pick some of my favorite, that will be the japchae, bibimbap, short beef ribs, bulgogi, and pork belly. I am a huge fan of their mango pudding. That being said, I think that Ssikkek Korean Restaurant is a great value for money buffet. It is indeed one of the most affordable Korean BBQ Buffets in Jakarta. Ssikkek is an ideal place to go if you are into korean bbq whether you are coming in a big or small group of friends! 

This week they are celebrating their One Year Anniversary, and they are having a promotion "Pay 1 Get 1 50% Off" for their buffet package, and it's only available from 18 - 24 August 2014. You don't want to miss this deal for sure so be hurry and head over this weekend!

Will I come back again? 
Sure. Ssikkek is now on the top of my list for Korean BBQ restaurant!

Thank you SSIKKEK for having us!

Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet
Open on Monday to Sunday
11.30 am - 22.00 pm
For enquiries or booking call +62 21 29364049
Kelapa Gading Square (Ruko MOI)
Jl. Boulevard Barat Raya
Blok A no. 5&6

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