Hongkong Day 1 & 2

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I am heading to Tokyo in less than two weeks and I can't describe how excited and grateful I am! I am just extremely lucky to have the opportunity to go to Japan, especially when it's all free. Did I mention free?
Ok that will be another story.

So I promised to blog about my Hongkong trip, which was already due a long time ago lol. My trip was from 4th-11th June!

This post covers the day 1 & 2 in Hongkong!

Day 1:

Mandatory shot of airplane view lol. Took an early morning flight to Hongkong. We had 4 hour transit in Singapore in between though.

The night before was full of drama so I barely had any sleep. :X
Due to my last minute preparation and my clumsiness, I only bothered to find my passport when it was less than 6 hours to our flight schedule.  I was looking for it anywhere possible but I just couldn't find it. Since it was very last minute, everyone was helping me to search for it. I thought that perhaps I left it in my office, so I went to my office in the middle of the night in hope of finding my passport. Went there and nothing was found wtf. I was already giving up on going to Hongkong by that time, then my sister gave me a call when I was heading back home. Apparently, and thankfully, she found my passport in one of the bag I used on my previous trip wtf  I thought I was doomed. I felt guilty to drag everyone into such panic situation. Lesson learned. Totally.

My lunch during the 4-hour transit in Singapore Airport. Noodle with dumpling yum!

#wefie with the family.

Airport's ootd. Didn't bother to put any make up on, thus the sunnies were my savior hahaha.


Be sure to get an octopus card when you arrive in Hongkong, as it will come very useful for you to travel around city. We picked up the octopus card at the airport, but you can basically get it from all MTR stations. Click here for more info!

We stayed at three different hotels during our trip. For the first few days, we stayed at Ibis Hotel Northpoint.
 The room was pretty small, but it was clean and the location was great. It was one step away from MRT station. Also a lot of good food nearby. Got free wifi somemore hahaha #cheapskate

- Back to Day 1 -
Since we've already got the octopus card, we took MRT to our hotel directly from the airport station. Touched down in Hongkong around 8pm, and by the time we arrived at our hotel it was already pretty late, so we just went nearby to grab some dinner.

Cute pocky packaging on the 711 nearby our hotel.

Strolling around Wan Chai area the next day.

 Hongkong Style Breakfast, Cha Chaan Teng.
They say that a trip to Hongkong is not complete without eating at Cha Chaan Teng. I have always wanted to try the scrambled eggs, french toast, macaroni, milk tea! We went to Capital Cafe to have our very first Cha Chaan Teng! Capital Cafe is quite popular and it was pretty easy to reach there.
My verdict? I love the french toast! Other than the french toast, the other wasn't impressive. The scrambled egg tasted weird, and the milk tea was so so. I guess that's because I had a high expectation, I kinda felt that Cha Chaan Teng was quite overrated.  During our stay there though, I got to try a few of Cha Chaan Teng other than Capital Cafe, and they served way better food than Capital Cafe.

Based on my experience, every restaurant usually has two different version of menu, so you better ask for the english version. Otherwise, you will feel confused looking at the chinese menu hahaha.
Don't be surprised of how few people in Hongkong actually speak english. If you can't speak cantonese, you can still order your food using body language lol.

Capital Cafe
Shop B1, G/F, Kwong Sang Hong Building
6 Heard Street
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2666 7766
Nearest MTR: Wan Chai

Me over excited for food/snack as always lol

Stopped by Honolulu Cafe for their famous egg tarts! Other than egg tarts, they sell all kind of pastries as seen on the display. Everything looked so tempting! Idk if it's a good thing that I just had a breakfast, otherwise I might end up buying everything hahaha.

I love it! Flaky pastry egg tarts om nom nom. Only around HK$6 per pcs. I also love the one from the little bakery nearby our hotel (way cheaper too!). I made sure that I stopped by the bakery every morning before we head into the city lol.

Heading to Causeway Bay for shopping time!

Toilet's mirror selfie! The toilet was huge and the lighting was nice so I felt like I just had to take pic hahaha.
Ok that's it lol

It was a really long and packed day! By the end of the day, we were already worn out from all the walking. My hair was already such a mess hahaha.

One of my favorite: Bo Lo Bao (pineapple bun)
I first tried pineapple bun from Crystal Jade My Bakery in Jakarta, and fell in love ever since. So when I knew I was going to Hongkong, I gotta find the best pineapple bun in Hongkong. I went all the way to Canton Deli - heard some good reviews about it offers a very good pineapple bun. Only to find that they didn't serve pineapple bun at all. -________-
I saw the Bo Lo Bao pic on instagram and some food guide blog, but the waiter insisted that they only had this bbq pork pineapple bun, and not the usual plain Bo Lo Bao with butter. Ordered the bbq pork pineapple bun instead. It was good, but I wanted the plain Bo Lo Bao. :X
Sigh. It still doesn't make sense to me, until now.

Continue to the Day 3 & 4 on the next post!

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