OOTDINDO X Local strunk Styling Competition

Monday, October 27, 2014 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments


So finally I can reveal the recent project that I have been participating in: The Fashion Bloggers Styling Competition held by OOTDINDO x Localstrunk!
I was really excited when the co-founder of OOTDINDO invited me to join this competition with the amazing fellow bloggers (Though on the beginning I had no idea who else was going to participate in this competition).

With the intention to show some support for local brands, Local Strunk is collaborating with OOTDINDO to hold "Fashion Bloggers Styling Competition" where the bloggers are challenged to create the mix & match look from the tenants of Local Strunk. They are five of the total bloggers: me, Lulut M, Amelia Bunjamin, Gricia Effendi, Rd. Rahmawaty Endang.

Local Strunk is a retail pop up market, which gathers various local brands together at one place. They are located at Plaza Indonesia Level 4, near QQ kopitiam.

The tenants of Local Strunk. Some of them are already pretty acknowledged local brand, from the clothing like Petite Cupcakes, Milcah, Monday to Sunday and accessories like Tea Label, Antyk Butyk. You can expect new and different collection every month! 

Necklaces from Tea Label.

More jewelleries from Antyk Butyk.
Quite a wide range of pouch and wallets!

Cute printed notebooks and agenda = my biggest weakness.


The initial plan was to gather all the bloggers together for the mix and match challenge, but due to our different schedules, we did the challenge separately. 

Overall, I had fun doing the challenge! Though at the very beginning, I was quite struggling with the mix and match hahaha. 

You know those days when you completely have no idea what to wear. :X

I tried many outfits for all different looks, but none really fit me. 
I was already quite panicked and pressured at that time lol cause I have spent like quite some time and still I couldn't decide the look I should go with. Honestly, I was freaked out, especially when Laurent and Erick (the amazing & brilliant couple from OOTDINDO) approached me and I realised that I made them wait for me for too long omg :X 

Thank you Erick and Laurent for being so patient towards me!

In the end, I went with the classy all white look. Believe it or not, right after they approached me, it took me less than 5 minutes to come up with this look hahaha guess deadline is the best motivation.

Right after I finished with the styling, we were moving forward to the taking #OOTD pics. I didn't know if it's my bad luck but it was suddenly raining. Just when the least needed.

With the gorgeous woman behind OOTDINDO.
A blurry pic but this is all I got. Actually I had a nicer quality pic in my phone, but I lost my phone yesterday at IKEA urgh, that will be another story.

Despite the the rain and windy weather, I am glad that we managed to take a few good shots. I am totally loving the result hehe!

Please, pretty please help me win this competition by voting for me! 
There are two ways of voting: online and offline.
So here's how:

1. Follow @OOTDINDO and @Localstrunk on instagram.
2. Like my photo posted on @OOTDINDO and @Localstrunk.
3. Don't forget to comment "I vote!" on the liked photo.
4. Psst. 5 lucky online voters can win exclusive gift from Local Strunk!

OFFLINE VOTING: (If you happen to visit Plaza Indonesia, or if you're really super nice that you are willing to go to Plaza Indonesia to help vote for me lol)
1. Come to Localstrunk Booth located at Plaza Indonesia Level 4.
2. Find the voting box and pick me as your favourite!
3. Same with the online voters, there will be 5 offline voters who can win exclusive gift from Local Strunk too!

The voting period is from 26 Oct - 31 Oct 2014!

If you have already voted for me, I'd like to thank you for the kind help!

If you haven't, then it's okay, you still have time to vote for me now. Go go!