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Sunday, October 12, 2014 Claudia Phankova 4 Comments

To be honest, I am now pretty confused about what to blog, as I do have some posts long overdue, from my unfinished Hongkong trip, my favorite spot for brunch in town, to my recent Tokyo trip and many more. Not to mention, other than these long overdue blog posts, I have many other things to be taken care of. I need to clone myself, don't I? Oh well, I figured out that I shall start with this.

A very rare candid photo of me laughing (read: showing my teeth) in front of the camera.

I got this long vest some time ago, but I haven't got chance to wear it until today. I do have some new stuff in my closet that I bought quite some time ago but I forgot that I ever bought them so I never wear them hahaha.
My current favorite bag. It actually can fit a lot of my stuff despite the size of the bag.
(Oudre Pale Pink Knitwear, Khaki Long Vest, Black Skort, Mango Black Heels, Charles & Keith Bag)

Ok, busy week ahead!
Have a good one, everyone.


  1. mixing of basic color pallet never fail!
    how i love that khaki long vest!

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. so cute <3

  3. lovely look <33

    cheer, michelle ~