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Wednesday, October 08, 2014 Claudia Phankova 1 Comments

Ohaiyo! I am finally back from my #PixyTokyoBeautyTrip today! Touched down around 6 in the morning and I basically just spent the rest of the day unpacking my luggage and having a lot of sleep. I barely slept during the flight back, and oh all those sleepless nights..

I can't wait to blog about my trip, but right now I am still waiting for the others to send me the photos on their cameras. 
Meanwhile, here's short outfit post from Tokyo!

Throughout the whole trip, I really love the weather. It was mostly sunny, but pleasantly cool.
By the way, I am never a big fan of rain, thus I was really hoping that it wouldn't rain during our trip. I checked the weather forecast a week before the trip and it showed that it'd mostly rain during our trip. Luckily enough, it was only raining all day long on the second day, and in the morning on the third day, the rest were sunny and windy!

 It has been raining non stop since morning that day, the temperature hit 16°C. Despite all the layering, I was strill struggling with the cold when the cold wind blew.

(Topshop Furry Black Sweater, Zara Dress, Placebo Boots, Colorbox Sling Bag)

Overall, the weather has been quite lovely throughout the whole trip! I already planned my whole outfits for the trip, and every single day I'd never miss an outerwear yay so yeah I love the weather!

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  1. lovely look! :)
    can't wait to hear about your trip :D

    cheer, michelle