Pixy Tokyo Beauty Trip | Day 1

Sunday, November 09, 2014 Claudia Phankova 4 Comments

So yeah I haven't blogged about my Tokyo Trip, which was on early Oct!
It was a 4-day trip to Tokyo and yes, I went there with Pixy x Fimela Team, together with the other girls: Sasya from hellosasyachi, Patricia, and Marsha from blushoff.

All my life, I have been wanting to visit Japan. and I can only envy while reading people posting about their trip to Japan. Especially when I saw a lot of japan posts on my instagram feed, I felt like blocking all these people bragging about their trip lol. #envy

 That's why I was really excited for this trip! I still couldn't believe myself I won the first prize of the Pixy Tokyo Beauty Trip competition held by Pixy and Fimela! I was so happy when they announced that I was the first winner because I didn't really see it coming at all, and I am, really, really grateful.

So yeah, all thanks to Pixy and Fimela team for bringing me to Japan! (and making my dream comes true)

Took a visit to Pixy Office for a factory tour, before we headed to airport.
My lovely companion during the Tokyo Trip! From the left to right: Sasya from hellosasyachi, Patricia, me, and Marsha from blushoff. I was quite worried before the trip that I might not be able to mingle well with the others but we all clicked so well! Perhaps because all of us have the same interests: makeup and beauty junkie lol.

Welcome to Ngurah Rai airport, Bali! 

I really haven't visited Bali for awhile, cause the last time I was there, the airport was still under renovation. But look at it now! I gotta say that I was pretty impressed with the new Ngurah Rai airport. By far, it's the coolest airport in Indonesia I have ever seen - not that I have seen many lol but still!
There were actually a lot to see here. I wouldn't mind spending time at the airport if I happen to have another transit in Bali in the future.

A pretty cute cafe, which opens until quite late!

My supper by Garuda Indonesia. I don't know if it's just me, but I am a big fan of airplane food! It's like my most favourite part, which I am always looking forward to in each flight. Or maybe I am always looking forward to any meal time.
I have always had a hard time trying to sleep on the plane so this time I was trying to kill time by watching movie until I fell asleep. Can anyone guess what movie was this? One of my all-time fave movie!

The next morning with our zombie + barefaced look.

We landed at Haneda International Airport, around 10.00 am.
Despite the lack of sleep, I was really excited because at that point I still couldn't believe myself that I was so so lucky to be able to go to Japan. *took a deep breath of Japan's fresh air wtf*

But first, let me take a selfie ~
First selfie in Tokyo (check).

My airport's #ootd.
Even at the airport, I could already spot a lot of girls who were quite dressed up!

My first train ticket!

Stumbled upon a vending machine on our way to the hotel. There are really a lot of vending machines around in Japan! Even there's a vending machine right outside our room too!

While waited to check in to the hotel, I looked curiously at a queue of people lining up for something. It turns out that they were queuing to get into the restaurant. My thought was "whoa the restaurant must be quite popular and expensive" hahaha because it was located in the hotel, and usually hotel restaurant is quite atas right. Apparently the next day only I found out that it was the same place for us to have breakfast hahaha. #yayfreefood

Had to wait for an hour before we could check in to the hotel so we just went to do our make up meanwhile. Really efficent, weren't we hahaha. Then after checking in, we could only rest for awhile before we headed out again. Was quite worried that we couldn't take shower because we were in a rush. But then I couldn't stand not taking shower, so I just had to take the world's most efficient shower wtf. Then we headed to Harajuku for lunch!

We stayed at Shinagawa Prince Hotel for the next 4 days. The room was not really big but it was cozy and decent! The location was great too. It was near the train station. The pic above was taken from the website.

Here they were figuring out which route should we take to go to Harajuku. Meanwhile, I just looked around hahaha cause I am hopeless when it comes to maps and direction wtf.
Ok, so off we go to Harajuku ~

Takeshita street! Look at the crowd behind me hahaha.

Since it was Halloween season, we spotted a lot of shops selling the halloween seasonal items!
Why does everything in Japan look so nice one!

My first meal in Japan was Udon from the famous Udon chain, Hanamaru Udon. It was similar to Marugame Udon in Indonesia.We could choose the size of our meal, from small, regular or big. The regular portion though somehow was really big already, so if you're on budget can really choose either reguler or big portion for sharing with friends!

Shio Buta Ontama Bukkake (Pork) with Kakiage and shrimp tempura. I love the tempura so so much! It was deep fried but it wasn't even oily like a usual fried food. Japan's magic wtf.

Back to more shopping! 

Harajuku has a lot of stuff to look at; from beauty product, to bag, shoes and many, many more. I think the stuff here are cheaper than Shibuya. This was actually the first shop that I entered and the stuff were already so nice! I wanna buy all wtf. All these bags cost around 2000-3000 yen if I am not mistaken.
In the end I didn't buy anything cause I had a hard time to decide which want to get and I thought I might find the nicer ones in Shibuya. Apparently, it is really hard to find one in Shibuya and ever have I found one, it costs a lot more expensive. Sigh until now I regret that I didn't buy! :(

Day 1 #OOTD
Fur Leopard Sweater from Topshop
Skirt from H&M
Sling bag from Colorbox
Boots from Zara

One of the popular brand in Japan, Liz Lisa. Can you spot the sales assistant, the girl wearing the pink dress? All the sales assistants dress up really cute and really represent Liz Lisa!
Bonus gift from Liz Lisa. The jug and cup are so cute my heart can't take it.

One of my fave places to go; the minimart! Me and Patricia were quite obsessed with the onigiri from minimart. We came back every single day just to buy the onigiri for supper and snack hahaha.

Rest / snack a bit before going to Shibuya for doing our nails.

Love at the first sight with Shibuya at night.

At the Nail Art place called Fast Nail.
I was quite impressed that I could choose the nail design I want by myself. There were many nail designs to choose from, depending on the price and color palette!

Selfie while waiting for my turn!

Tadaaa here's the final result! Not only that it was so pretty in real life, the staff did it for me in a very short time, less than 30 mins. Really amazed with how efficient they worked!

 Literally lives up to their name "Fast Nail" given how fast they worked!
Then of course we were already starving by that time, all I could think of was what to eat wtf hahaha.

Welcome to Sweet Paradise, all you can eat dessert buffet place located in Shibuya! If youOther than dessert, there were also savoury dishes but the option was more limited compared to the dessert varieties.
(pic above and below were taken from google)

Can you see the huge varieties of the cakes? I swear all the cakes look so tempting! But since all the menus were in Japanese, I just picked all the cakes judging from the looks wtf hahaha. I was really spoilt by the option! It is ranging from strawberry shortcake, japan cheesecake to traditional Japanese sweets such as green tea cake. They do have a chocolate fountain too!

What I love most was their green tea ice cream! I had at least two scoops hahaha.

Tokyo Tower to end our Day 1 in Tokyo!

Thanks a bunch to Pixy (Nana) & Fimela (Tasya & Didi) Team!

See you on the next post!


  1. looks funnn!! :))

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/

  2. I've always wonder; how do you wear those heels while travelling? I get sore legs even from wearing Clarks flat. Mind to share your tips?

    1. This was the only heels that I brought during my trip, and honestly this was also the only pair of heels that I find comfortable enough for long walk cause the heels were chunky. My tips is find the most comfortable shoes cause you're gonna walk a lot and you don't wanna regret it on the end of the day. Sneakers would be best option, but if you prefer something with heels, you can also wear platform sneakers (instant height boost lol) or chunky heeled boots. :)