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Wednesday, March 11, 2015 Claudia Phankova 1 Comments

Hello! I am finally back with an outfit post - or *ahem* my first post in 2015.

How cliche I sound if I say time really flies. It's already the third month of 2015 omg how scary it is!?

Honestly I do have a little bit time to spare for blogging but it's always very hard to drag myself to write a post after a really long time, until one day I decide to just sit and really write a post. During writing, I'd regret why I didn't force myself to do so earlier lol. 
Yeah so I haven't even got time to update about the rest of my Hongkong Trip, Japan Trip, short getaway to Singapore and Bandung, Bangkok Trip, Penang Trip and christmas, my birthday etc etc and ok I shall stop right here before the list goes on and on and on. Now that I realize I haven't even blogged ever since I got my new hair color and the hair color is fading right now into idk what color and I am getting a new color in like two weeks lol. Guess that pretty much says about how long have I been abandoning this space. *slowly hides*

I am not procrastinating for nothing though. Lately I have been working on something huge and despite how time consuming it is, I am enjoying every bits of it!
Also I have so many amazing things to look forward to but I still can't reveal now urgh but all I can say is April is going to be sooooo fun!

By the way, I really need to stop buying outerwear in grey shade cause I swear I have at least four or five outerwears or maybe more in this shade hahaha but well don't you just agree with me that grey is the best shade when it comes to outerwear?

I have been looking for a pair of pumps for quite awhile but never really found one that was beautiful and 'comfortable' at the same time. Most pairs I have tried were really uncomfortable and the reasons of why I barely wear heels is because they are painful!

That's why I am very happy to find these beautiful and simple kicks from Nine West. So far it is the most comfortable pumps I have ever tried and it has everything what I am looking for. Of course sneakers are still my favorites cause they don't hurt hahaha but sucks cause heels make my leg look long but I am also very irritated at the same time with how painful most of heels are! Although, I find this one 'bearable'.

(Cotton On Plain White Tees, Chlorineclothe Midi Length Skirt, F21 Knit Outerwear, Nine West Pumps, Massicot Necklace)

Anyway, there's a photo competition "Me with My Heels" going on right now. You can simply join by uploading your own #shoefie and get a chance to win a Grand Prize Galaxy Samsung A and the other interesting gift packages!

More info on how to join the competition, here.


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  1. you look gorgeous :D
    adore your outerwear <33

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/