Japan trip | Day 1 : Tokyo

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 Claudia Phankova 3 Comments


I bet some of you might have known through my instagram that I went to Japan last week! I just got back from my trip to Japan this morning - which still feels a bit surreal to me cause I did not expect that I would be getting another chance to visit my favourite Japan so soon
I mean, come on. 
I have always been wanting to visit Japan all my life, and last October that I finally went to Japan, I have already thought that I have spent all my life's luck combined together for winning a free trip to Japan. (YES I KNOW. It's kinda like winning a lottery isn't it wtf.) I consider myself very lucky to have that chance thus I was not expecting this chance to visit Japan this soon.
All was because my awesome sister and his boyfriend who made my dream come true. We all got to go to my favourite country. Again.

This time we planned to go in Spring. TO SEE SAKURA. (and to eat all the food, that too.)
I was SUPER excited for this trip cause this would be my first time experiencing spring in Japan! 

I know I haven't finished posting about my previous Japan trip which I now almost forgot where did I go and what did I do last time (I have a very bad memory hahaha) and learning from the mistake, I do not want that to happen again so must faster post while I still remember every single details so I can keep it in my blog. 

The japanese cherry blossom usually opens all at once and the petals fall only after a week. I was a bit panicky when I found out that the sakura fully bloomed a week before our trip T____T
The chance was high that I might miss out the cherry blossom wtf but then I thought I'd be happy even to see the sakura on the ground lol I am easily happy just like that. 
In the end I still managed to catch the sakura blooming! It was so beautiful I almost teared myself wtf.

So anyway we flown ANA (All Nippon Airways) to Haneda Airport.

 Have I ever mentioned that I love in-flight meal? I am the type who can't sleep well on the plane so I am always looking forward to meal time to kill time. I had the japanese menu btw. Inside the box was minced chicken and rice. Simple meal yet very delish!

 My sister, on the other hand, had the western menu. I tried a bite and it was good as well! Only thing was the yellow dessert thing tasted weird (her words not mine) lol.
We arrived at night time and then took train to the hotel. We stayed at Hotel Metropolitan Edmont during our stay at Tokyo and I love it! I am already considering of staying there again next time I come to Tokyo. Location wise, it is close to the train station and there are many fast food chains around.

I was famished by the time we arrived. Bought this salmon onigiri in the nearest mini mart to fill up my tummy first while waiting for check-in. Honestly I never knew which onigiri to buy cause I can't read japanese hahaha usually I just asked the shopkeeper which one was mentaiko or salmon. Both are my faves btw!

My first proper meal in Japan: Gyu-Don from Matsuya! Matsuya is one of the most famous fast food chain restaurant in Japan specialising in Gyu-Don (Beef Bowl), other than Yoshinoya and Sukiya.We went to the branch at Idabashi, near our hotel. We were looking for something fast and simple so we could rush back to hotel and get some rest cause we would start our day early tomorrow.

A little tips: always order a poached egg / raw egg (whichever you prefer), and add it into your rice. Add the sauce and mix it well! It gives a texture to the rice and omg it is so good!

I suggest you to try the pork bowl cause obviously you can't find it in Indonesia and of course this dish is my personal favourite. I came back another day for supper especially for that hahaha.

Ok, continue Day 2 soon!


  1. Sudah lama nggak kesana. Mungkin akhir tahun ini :)

    Sakuranya indah ya :)

  2. @Cintami: The picture does no justice honestly... I don't even like beef but this was definitely an exception cause it was so so good! :)

    @Ron: Whoa lucky you! Hopefully next year I can go back to Japan again hehe