REVIEW: Kiwi Shoe Passion Gel Cushions

Tuesday, April 07, 2015 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

We all agree that a pair of heels indeed can gives a boost of confidence, and an illusion of super long legs. (hell yeah!)
But as much as I love wearing heels, I also dread the feeling of wearing them after a couple of hours.
We've all been through it - those times where our high heels begin ruining the night. I definitely don't love how they leave me blistered and sore after wearing them all day. There's gotta be a better way, right? Ok, other than busting out a pair of flats to save the day hahaha. I extremely need something to make the heels more comfortable!

A love-hate relationship with high heels. Who's with me?

That's why I was very excited to try out the "KIWI Shoe Passion".

KIWI Shoe Passion is a shoe gel cushion that works as foot pads, so basically I just put the shoe gel on the front side of my heels when wearing them. It is said to give extra comfort when wearing heels but well I was not completely convinced until I tried it myself!

You can get Kiwi Shoe Passion at most convenience stores (Watson, Century, Guardian, etc) for only IDR 80,000. 

Just peel off the sticker from the gel, and stick the gel accordingly to the heels. It is that simple!

Voila that's it!

The verdict: YES, it really gives extra comfort when I use the shoe gel cushion rather than when I don't. It's now no longer a problem for me to wear my favourite pair of heels all day!
That's because the KIWI Shoe Passion is using the air cushion technology to help preventing pressure on the soles of our feet. That's what makes the feet remain comfortable wearing high heels, even after a couple of hours!

Plus point, it can be washed and used for multiple times!

With KIWI Shoe Passion, I no longer worry about wearing my favourite heels out all day!

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