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Trying to keep my words to keep my blog alive. Ever since we got back from holiday, we have been busy with taking care of Oudre, especially cause we were away for a week so the shipping were all delayed for a week too. Thus on the day we were back we already rushed to get the packing done so we could proceed with the shipping faster. Sorry to keep you guys await for a week! 
Also, my boyfriend was in town for a week hehe which was why I could not update this space as much as I wanted cause I wanted to spend quality time with him. :)

I notice that nowadays I am more into casual style. Especially since I got back from my trip, I am really inspired by their mode style. The japanese really upgrade casual style into stylish casual!

Photobombed by car (1). 

Photobombed by car (2). Lucky though the cars were all white too - it kinda matched my outfit lol.

Sigh look at how chubby I am. Yes, I have gained weight a little too much. That really shows up on my face I know. I am probably at the fattest moment in my whole life (deep sigh). I have successfully lost 4kgs before my japan trip but I did eat a little too much in Japan that's why I ended up gaining all the weight back. Also, someone's fault ahem *stare at my boyfriend*
But I am gonna be back on my diet starting from Monday. I am really motivated to start earlier but it's already  friday tomorrow and I prefer to start thing on a brand new week lol. It's not an excuse, really!

(Oudre Shirtdress, Bangkok Tote Bag, Zara Sandals)

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  1. love the whole white theme outfit <3

    cheer, michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.com/