Little update

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 Claudia Phankova 0 Comments

This morning I was doing a back up of my camera photos and well, while I was looking at those pics, suddenly the thought hit me, what's the point of taking all the pics but never have a chance to post them? That's when I realized that I miss writing on my blog. I miss sharing things without having to worry if the photo looks "instagrammable". With so many social media apps nowadays, it's just barely impossible to juggle all at the same time (and still having real social interaction).  I am now more active on Snapchat cause I love how it is spontaneous, it isn't as curated as Instagram is. At the end of the day, when I lie on my bed, I love watching my own snaps. It's kinda like summary of my day.

I know that it'd be a struggle to keep this blog alive. But I simply miss this feeling, to share things on my blog. Overall, the reason why I started blogging is because I love sharing things. :)

Little update as the title suggests:

I now have the shortest hair I have ever had in like what, 3 years? Being the impulsive Aquarius, one morning I just woke up and had this urge to have a short hair cut. If you've given me quite some time to think, I would never do it lol.

Then another morning, I decided to dye it purple. 

Welcome to my life.

Headed to Surabaya for work, around a month ago.

 (Taken from my snapchat: claudiaphankova)
If you are new to my snapchat, please don't get surprised of the amount of food that I actually eat everyday.
Love the new paperbag for Oudre! I want the sling to be long cause I dislike how the usual paper bag have a short sling that when I carry it, and my other hand is occupied with my bag and million other stuff  I am carrying too, even taking out my phone from my bag can be such a pain in the ass. We only have two hands, remember? This way, it can be fuss-free! :)