Orori Jewellery (Review)

Monday, November 23, 2015 Claudia Phankova 1 Comments

Been very excited to share with you my latest project with Orori, a jewellery online store based in Indonesia. I always have this thing with jewellery and so, I am a big believer in 'diamond is a girl's best friend'. Last week I finally got a chance to take a visit to the Orori's head office. Being able to visit Orori's head office and take a look at the jewellery collections personally, you can tell that I was truly excited! 

A little background of Orori, they are the pioneer of Jewellery Online Store in Indonesia, which established back in 2004. They are focusing in creating and providing high quality wedding rings for customers based in Indonesia. 

Not only that, they also provide engagement ring (psst. That's what I am most excited about lol: diamond ring!). What's special about Orori is that they provide this special feature, called 'Design My Own' where you can basically design and create your own personalised jewellery. Isn't that impressive that you can design your own wedding ring? Well, well, kudos to Orori! They truly understand that everyone wants a jewellery which is personally made for them. 

Among all their jewellery collections, my personal favourites are the simple diamond ring, the lovely ribbon diamond ring, and last but not least, the diamond heart pendant! They are simply perfect for the daily wear.

Head over to their official website to find out more about Orori.

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